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You must include this entire description when applying for membershp: Before entry read all of this:This is a tribe dedicated to those who wish to learn about tradition....that has been researched. This is no place for New agers..I am sorry..please join another Skins tribe.I understand that you can be into original traditions and live in 2 worlds and still not be a new ager
The information here posted should be backed up by a book of credible renown and have significance. This is not a place for games crack age spirituality. This is native American tradition...not progressive not new is not a place to be a troll and start arguments....Fellow Native Americans/American Indians are welcome 1st and foremost...if your interested in joining please give a reason why...grandma was 1/2 Cherokee is not enough..I did a sweat in Sedona AZ is not enough..this is a tribe for the serious who want to contribute or learn.
Thank you.
Please note that if your remarks are off topic, new age or meant to start an will leave immediately by delete
Sciences are aloud as Geology anthropology, archeology do apply in some cases.Please use the posts as categories and place poems in the poem section etc. It gets confusing when someone new enters and DOESN"T read a string of thought and information but rather starts a new post..By all means start a new post if needed!

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